KisanBaba Delivers All Products Throughout India From Srinagar To Kanyakumari By Making Agricultural Products Available at Very Reasonable Prices on The KisanBaba Website. While India Is Agriculture Centric Land Not Much Focus Is Granted for The Education and Enlightenment of Indian Farmers. Result of That Is Indian Farmers Have to Buy Agriculture Products at Much Higher and Inflated Costs Which Are Responsible for The Crude Situation Indian Farming Sector Is In. KisanBaba Aims to Solve That Problem by Ensuring A “No Middle Man” Policy Which Results in Very Reasonable Rates and Unmatched Quality. All the Partners That We Choose Are Carefully Picked and Tested to Offer the Same Amount of Reliability and Quality That Our Customers Are Accustomed To.


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About Our Store is an agriculture e-commerce multi vendor website which is selling 100 % trusted and tested equipment like plant protection equipment and other agriculture equipment which is helpful for farmer in the farm. It is the platform where farmers can buy a unique type of product which is not available easily in the market. we provide the best agriculture products with a minimum one-year warranty and one-month piece to piece replacement guaranty for only kisanbaba (K.B.) verified product so that customer can return the product only when any defect is come off and get full refund as we give in the return policy

Meet Our Team

All are highly energetic, perfectionists and all are seasonal experts. Are they able to handle all adverse business situations,?

Mr. Swapnil Prakash Ambulkar Director

Mr. Sanket Dhanraj Dhomane Share Holder

Mr. Shaikh Arif Shaikh Subhan Share Holder

Mr. Praful Prakash Ambulkar Executive Director